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Welcome to P.A.N.!

P.A.N. IS THE ANTI-COMMUNIST MOVEMENT that is underway NOW across our country, from coast to coast and where you are located.

Do you WANT to save and preserve the Republic?

Your answer is crucial!  Why? Our Republic is in the fight for it’s life and needs your active participation to ensure it’s survival.

Understand that COMMUNISM IS NOT POLITICAL! It has been slowly and purposely imposed upon America THROUGH politics.

P.A.N. is actively engaged in the Anti-communist movement and provides Americans with an Anti-communist agenda to stop, defeat and eliminate the Socialist Marxist Communist agenda designed to destroy the Republic, our American way of life, and replace it with an insidious, anti-life, anti-human, anti-American, anti-Constitutional tyrannical death cult to dictate our very lives and that of our children, grandchildren and all of our loved ones! It has to be stopped NOW!

P.A.N. is engaging Americans to embrace the concept of Patriotism and the values enshrined in our Constitution, both of which are fundamentals of the American way of life.

P.A.N. offers Americans the unique opportunity to unite across the country through serving as an umbrella organization in the cause to save and preserve our Republic and our Constitution.

TO BE CLEAR, P.A.N. IS NOT POLITICAL AND HAS NO INTEREST IN YOUR PERSONAL POLITICS. PERIOD! It doesn’t need to be. Patriotism and our Constitution are NOT POLITICAL. They are what it means to be American.

P.A.N.’s ONLY FOCUS is to stop Socialist Marxist Communism through the Anti-Communist movement, period.

There are countless groups, organizations, efforts and individuals focused on many worthwhile and very needed activities that address the issues created by American Communism, are the target of the Communist agenda and are occupied with fending off their attacks on them. P.A.N. knows these Communists tactics and has avoided being distracted as a target, so as to be effective against them.

P.A.N. IS NOT engaged in politics, elections, nor focused on any political issues, so as not to be targeted by American Communists in order to stay focused on stopping them, not fighting with them.

Voting is the right and duty of every American and all must participate in the destiny of our nation. The act of voting itself is NOT political, but it has been politicized for the benefit of some, at the expense of all.

It’s NOT about PARTY, it’s about POLICY!



What do the following all have in common?

 Our borders no longer exist

 Our children and grandchildren are being mind warped, sexualized and   emotionally manipulated through schools that fail to educate them

 Our elections are questionable at best

 U.S. influence weakening worldwide

 Obvious corruption that is so common that it is now the norm

 Failing banks, the declining dollar, and the national debt spiraling out of   control  resulting in the highest inflation rate not experienced in over 40   YEARS


Socialist Marxist Communism

It’s not about politics, parties or elections…it’s about POLICY and what it is doing to our country, to ALL OF US!

It’s not enough to just call out  Socialist Marxist Communism for what it is, it has to be replaced with American’s knowledge of their Constitutional rights, coupled with true American Patriotism. 

What’s happening to us in America right now is NOT NORMAL and has an intent and a defined purpose: To literally destroy the concept of America and replace it with an anti-Constitutional, anti-American, anti-humanity based agenda.

Socialist Marxist Communism is a “thought cancer” because it’s dangerous, destroys lives and it kills. It has never benefited mankind and never will. It is literally a dead end. History holds the record.

WE THE PEOPLE CAN STOP IT! Our sacred Constitution grants us the right to do so.  Socialist Marxist Communism is not our destiny, it’s a choice.

THE FIRST STEP in stopping Socialist Marxist Communism is ORGANIZING. Gathering massive numbers of Anti-Communists across the Republic to unite as one front against the Communist hold on our American institutions, our lives and our children and grandchildren’s futures in America!

With the strength of Anti-communists united, THEN AND ONLY THEN can we address and resolve every ill of our country and society with the numbers needed to affect change and eliminate the Communist hold and influence that is dismantling the Republic, piece by piece. It must be stopped. It can be stopped. By US: YOU and we, your fellow Americans. 

We cannot vote, hope or wish our way out of Communism. Uniting Americans under the banner of Anti-Communism and taking back the Republic is the only effective action to take!

EVERY issue you are concerned with in our country, your region, your county, your city or town and in your community will be corrected/resolved once Socialist Marxist Communism is finally stopped and the influence removed through the strength of the Anti-Communist movement.

P.A.N.’S GOAL: To STOP Socialist Marxist Communism from destroying our country right NOW and to never allow it to happen again!


To advocate for the education of the Constitution for the purpose of promoting American patriotism.

Who is P.A.N.?

Americans just like you, (click on the P.A.N. LEADERSHIP section on the site menu) united across this nation, preserving our country and protecting our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

Why P.A.N.?

P.A.N. is a patriotic response to that agenda. P.A.N. knows that it leads to: Economic inefficiencies, loss of individual freedoms, lack of incentives, corruption creating authoritarianism, market distortion, lack of innovation that leads to historic failures coupled with economic stagnation, severely reduced living standards, human rights violations, and that it has to be stopped NOW!

What is P.A.N. doing to STOP Socialist Marxist Communism right now?

P.A.N. is making Americans aware of Socialist Marxist Communism by exposing  facts through outreaches, open meetings, public events, social media platforms, offering Constitutional education  programs throughout the country, and ensuring that our Constitution and founding documents are added to every K-12 school curriculum nationwide. 


Saving and preserving our country is NOT going to be easy and it can’t be approached casually. It’s NOT for the faint of heart.  Just ask our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln or the veterans who have served since day one of our nation’s founding and are still serving America today. We must follow their examples to be successful in this task.

Talk is what brought our nation to this point, but only action and getting engaged will reverse the direction we are going in.


P.A.N. leadership is ready to engage with you! Check for the next local P.A.N. public meeting near you by clicking on this link.

Organize a local event. Become a Chapter representative. Get involved NOW to help prevent America from becoming the next global victim of Socialist Marxist Communism by calling the national P.A.N. number 773 507 3000 or emailing P.A.N. at INFO@PANFORALL.ORG Click here to view a list of all current local events

FACT: If you do nothing, you’re the Communist agenda’s greatest weapon!

What’s happening in our country right now is a test for all Americans. Will we pass this test or does America fail? America’s future depends on the test results.

P.A.N. asks: If not YOU, who? If not NOW, when? It’s in our hands!


*Hillsdale College is not affiliated with P.A.N.

Pan flag on house
Whiteside County Illinois, the birthplace of P.A.N.

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