Preserve America Now

A Brief History of P.A.N.

Both the 2018 and 2020 elections lead to the installation of a Socialist/Communist leaning D.C. administration. This reality removed all doubt where America was heading.

The pace at which the Socialist/Communist ideology was creeping across our country, all the while being helped by the backing, encouragement and direct support of D.C. politicians and the radical activism of domestic Socialist/Communist-Marxist organizations throughout the country, was observed in early 2020.

10’s of millions of American Patriots were becoming more and more alarmed about the exponential growth of this anti-American, anti-patriotic infection poisoning the body of the country, all the while asking “How and why did this happen in America?”, “Why wasn’t it stopped?”, and “How can it be reversed and prevented from ever happening again in America?”

After paying close attention to the messaging of the radical leadership of the Socialist/Communist movement across America, it became absolutely clear that the organizers and followers of this ideology were not only unpatriotic, but in fact were anti-patriotic!

Their mission to transform America and the free world into a Socialist/Communist Marxist utopia was being helped along by encouraging a significant following of misinformed and oblivious Americans, who, over 3 generations, had been INDOCTRINATED and NOT EDUCATED for over 50 years of attending a failed national public school system that was financed by a wasted investment of 1000’s of billions of taxpayer dollars. That bad investment is more than evident by the statistics showing the low grades and comprehension levels of individuals being PUSHED OUT of that system as “GRADUATES”.

P.A.N. became the response to this Socialist/Communist infiltration.

Since 2021, P.A.N. has been actively promoting a resurgance of patriotism through the (re)education of the American citizenry of our Sacred Constitution and the significance of it’s influence on their everyday lives, in addition to P.A.N. continually exposing the historic and current anti-human, destructive facts of the deadly lies of the failed Socialist/Communist ideology and how it totally and absolutely conflicts with our Sacred Constitution, our American values and our American way of life.

P.A.N. continues in its mission to stand in the way of the Socialist/Communist agenda in America.
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