Preserve America Now

Joseph J. Rockaitis III 

Joseph J Rockaitis III

Public Relations Director and a founding member 


Born and raised in Chicago. A civil servant for 32 years and retired in 2021. 6th generation American. Thankful for the Sacred Constitution and for the birthright to vote and participate in this great Republic, my home, America. 

Kenneth Jackson

P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Georgia

I am a husband, a father and a retired veteran. I served 22 years in the United States Navy. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I stand for the flag, I believe in the Constitution, the second amendment, freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I am not a politician, I am a concerned citizen that is running for Mayor for the city of Saint Mary’s Georgia. I know you’re not used to consistency but you will be once you get to know me

Angela Cushman

P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Georgia

Born and raised in Augusta GA,. I come from a blue collar family that has always found ways to serve God, Family & our great country. We have to go back to the basics of the constitution for our future generations to come. I am here to stand for all values

Brenda Knox


P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Texas

I was born in New Mexico. Moved many times. Did not stay in one place more than two years. I have always loved and respected America and the Flag. I am a Christian. I Changed parties when the difference was explained. I have written two books and run 3 businesses. My father and brother served in the military. I am a responsible gun owner. It is time to fight for our country.

Holly Lilley


P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Alaska

As a native Texan, I developed a love of state, country and patriotism. I graduated from Sam Houston High and attended Lone Star College, Kennesaw State University in Georgia, and King University in Tennessee. I relocated to Alaska to teach but began working at a patriot hospital for our military and first responders. I am dedicated to our country and all that she originally stood for, as well as those who protect our Constitution. The Constitution began with “We the People” and it is “We the People’s” responsibility to learn, understand, appreciate, and keep it that way! God Bless America!

Jon Kern


P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Pennsylvania

Small government, small business, I believe in the individual over the state. Been traveling all of my life, but America is #1 in my heart. President of my local School Board here in Bucks County, PA. Been concerned about public education for 25+ years. Strong advocate for our Founding Fathers’ brilliance for decades. Aerospace engineer first half of my career. Agile software consultant second half (now). Entrepreneur.

Wesley Satterfield Anglin

Wesley Satterfield Anglin

P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Kentucky

I am a life long patriot and avid constitution lover. Published author, artist, and poet. I train service dogs and operate several charity organizations. Founder of a ministry and Secretary of Central Kentucky Re-Entry.

William Potter

william potter

P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. Washington state

I am the middle of large family so I am a great debater and have solid convections. I learned how to stand my ground raised by my mother, being fatherless. I have always been sharper and filled with knowledge beyond my age. I know God protects me, He fills my life with what I need. What we need now is solid education on the amazing American heritage freedom, liberty and the right to prosper. Together we will divide our enemies, not them dividing us.

Bob Kuykendall

Bob Kuykendall

P.A.N. Board of Directors and representative for P.A.N. California

Born at Fort Sill Oklahoma. Lived in California from first grade. A Teamster for 44 years, now retired since 2019. I have a strong belief in God, Family, Constitution and Country. California has the best weather in the world but the people hate too much and they need a change in their hearts and souls.

Satoria Johnson


P.A.N. Board of Directors and P.A.N. Alabama Youth Director

Born and raised in Montgomery County, Alabama and currently still resides there. Graduated trade school in the class of 2020 and currently in creativity and initiative to be a leader.

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