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P.A.N. is holding it’s official 1st event

A picnic-style barbecue with a meet and greet of P.A.N. leadership from several states including Illinois

There will be discussions of various topics P.A.N. is focused on, in addition, the P.A.N. Chairman of the Board, Justin Trizna, and the P.A.N. Public Relations Director, Joseph J Rockaitis, III, will both be speaking about the progress of P.A.N. to date and the plans for the following year

This event will be held on Saturday, 1 October starting at noon in Island Lake IL. 

Call, text or email P.A.N. (773 507-3000, info@panforall.org) for further event details and the event address.

Thank you Patriots 

P.A.N. is now 1 year old as of September 1st!

It was merely a year ago when the founding members put P.A.N. into action, and here P.A.N. is, just one year later,  in half the country 

Congratulations to all of the hard working representatives and supporters of P.A.N. because this anniversary couldn’t be possible without you

We are looking forward to a 2nd successful P.A.N. year with double the progress

Thank you for your continued  support to help P.A.N. in the noble effort to Preserve America Now!

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